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Calluses form when your skin is subjected to excessive pressure or friction. This causes the buildup of dead skin cells and often feels uncomfortable or painful. A Tweezerman Callus Shaver gently shaves off the callus from your skin to make it smooth. The blade on a Tweezerman Callus Shaver will need to be replaced when it becomes dull -- this could occur in one to three months, or more, depending on how often the shaver is used. Replace the blade properly to help your callus shaver work effectively.

Lay the callus shaver flat on a hard surface with the blade facing down.

Hold the sides of the blade holder between your thumb and forefinger. Push the handle forward, then lift up. Turn the blade holder over without putting your hands on the blade so the blade drops from the holder.

Slide the new blade into the blade holder. Hold the blade between your thumb and forefinger on the smooth sides rather than the razor sides. Do this carefully, as the blade is sharp.

Hold the sides of the blade holder between your thumb and forefinger. Bring the handle back to its original position and pull it toward you to lock it into place.


Rinse the blade under warm water after each use to help extend its life and prevent the spread of germs during future uses.


Tweezerman blades are extremely sharp. Avoid holding the blade by the razor edges.

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