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Redken Color Gels is a versatile brand of permanent hair color that just about anyone can use for any shade of hair color. You can use it to lift hair color or darken it. It also can be used to correct or change hair color mishaps without damaging your locks with harsh chemicals. Redken Color Gels can be used to create dazzling highlights or color effects. In addition, it provides thorough gray coverage.

Blond Shades

Part of achieving the desired result of Redken Color Gels is using the correct volume of developer along with the correct ratio of hair color. For blond shades, Redken suggests mixing a 1:2 ratio. This means you mix one ounce of hair color to two ounces of 40 volume Redken Color Gels Developer. The ratio should be applied to Redken Color Gels, Blue, Blue Violet, Violet, Clear and Gold. It’s important to follow this procedure. By following the exact measurements you leave little room for error. Thoroughly mix these ingredients and apply the mixture immediately. Processing should take up to 45 minutes, especially for gray hair. It’s vital that you always use Redken Color Gel Developer with Redken Color Gels. Never substitute another brand of developer, because these products are formulated for Color Gel levels 1 through10. Also, do not heat this product during the developing process.

Darker Shades

In order to achieve rich light, medium or dark brown, or cover gray without over-coloring, Redken makes the science of hair coloring easy by following their color chart. First, you must take into consideration the percentage of gray in your natural hair color as well as your hair’s density. Once that is determined, choose the target color and tone you want to achieve. Then, using the chart, establish the target level of the undertone. It’s recommended that you choose a shade that balances and counteracts the undertones. Generally, 75 to 100 percent gray coverage requires 20 volume of Redken Color Gel Developer. If you wanted more lift, you would use 30 volume of Redken Color Gel Developer. For maximum lift choose 40 volume of Redken Color Gel Developer. It’s important to note that when covering gray choose a shade no more than two levels lighter than your natural hair color. For example, if your natural hair color is medium brown and you have 75 to 100 percent gray, and your target color is dark blond with neutral tones, according to the chart, you would notice that the undertones would be red or orange. Therefore, to counteract the color, you would choose 6NW (Natural Warm) Brandy and 20 volume Redken Color Gel Developer. For this darker shade the ratio is 1:1, which means, two ounces of hair color and two ounces of the developer.