back image by Pavel Vlasov from Fotolia.com

If you have acne on your back, you might fear wearing a slinky dress or shirt that shows your torso area. Back acne doesn’t have to stop you from wearing what you want and showing off some skin, however. Various effective ways exist to disguise blemishes on your back so that you can step out in confidence.

Get a tan. Whether you opt for a real tan or a fake one is up to you. The effect will be the same. Tans help disguise blemishes on the skin, including acne blemishes. So while a tan won’t totally hide your back acne, it will make it more difficult to see. This is a particularly useful strategy if you’re going out at night, when visibility is already diminished.

Use makeup to cover up the acne. A good foundation that matches the skin tone of your back and a slightly lighter concealer stick can help create the illusion of a blemish-free back. Have a friend or family member apply the makeup to ensure maximum evenness, and do so only after you’ve put on your clothes to avoid smearing the makeup and ruining your clothes. If you plan to sweat, use waterproof makeup. Finish up with a matte powder. Alternately, buy an extended-wear body concealer like those used to cover up tattoos by office workers. Remember when you get home after your day or night out to scrub your back well to remove all traces of makeup because the residue could end up aggravating your acne.

Wear your hair down. This is only effective if your hair is long enough to cover the acne when worn loose. If the occasion calls for a formal up-do, consider a half-up, half-down hairstyle that will allow the back of your hair to hang over the acne. If your hair is short, hair extensions can also be a solution, albeit a potentially costly one.