An outside round roast, also known as a bottom round roast, is a cut of beef from the hip part of the cow. The meat contains connective tissues and can have a chewy texture if cooked improperly. Cutting the meat into thick slices as well as overcooking can ruin an outside round roast. The key to getting it tender is cooking it slowly and making sure there’s plenty of liquid in the pot.

Things You'll Need

Preparation and Marinating

Like with other meats, some preparation and marinating is needed before cooking the outside round roast in the oven. Place plastic wrap over the meat and pound it with a clean, heavy object, such as a meat mallet, to break down any connective tissue. Use a marinade to tenderize the roast even more. No need to add salt or seasonings if you use a marinade.

Adding Ingredients to the Outside Round Roast

The best approach to cooking this type of roast is to cook it in an oven-safe stockpot with plenty of liquid and vegetables like onions and celery.

Preheat the oven to 300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Before placing the prepared meat in the stockpot, brown all sides of the meat in a skillet with olive oil for about 10 minutes total. Transfer to the stockpot and cover the meat about halfway with a liquid like beef broth, soup, red wine, water, or a combination of liquids. Add onions and celery. Cover the pot with a lid. Bring the pot to a simmer on medium heat, then place it in the oven.

Cooking Time

Outside round roasts need to cook for about four hours. Make sure you check the amount of liquid in the pot and turn the roast every 35 minutes so it can cook on all sides and absorb the liquid fully. To test your roast for tenderness, stick a fork in it. The fork should move in and out of the outside round roast easily after about three-and-a-half hours. Add sliced carrots and small potatoes to the roast during the last 40 minutes of the cooking time.

Determining When the Roast Is Done

The best way to tell if the roast is done is by inserting a meat thermometer into the thickest part, without touching a bone. The internal temperature should be about 160 degrees Fahrenheit. To avoid overcooking the roast, remove it from the oven when the thermometer reads between 150 and 155 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the outside round roast is done, transfer the meat to a serving dish and tent with some aluminum foil. Let the roast stand for about 20 minutes before cutting and serving.

To make a sauce with the juices from the roast, skim off any fat and boil the liquid for about 5 minutes.