Grilled beef steak closeup on dark wooden table background

Round steak can be cooked on a grill or stove top to a delicious, juicy finish. To put your round steak over the top and give it a delicious seasoned crust, you can apply seasonings to the meat prior to cooking it. Proper technique is important here; simply opening a package of round steaks and throwing seasonings onto the wet meat won't have as tasty an effect. The correct way to season the round steak is simple, yet effective.

Remove the round steaks from their packaging. Set the steaks on top of a large plate lined with paper towels.

Gently pat down the round steaks with more paper towels to prepare the meat for the seasonings.

Sprinkle the round steaks with a generous amount of salt, pepper and any other seasonings that you'd like to use, such as Cajun or Italian seasoning.

Place a paper towel over the seasoned steak. Press down very gently to push the seasoning further into the meat. If you used a bulkier spice on your round steaks, such as peppercorns, gently press the bottom of a pie pan into the steaks to embed the spice pieces.

Cook the round steaks as usual. For best results, sear the outside of the meat to make a crust out of the seasonings.