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You do not need to go through the trouble of rinsing out a handful of raisins whenever a recipe calls for them. Instead, have a large supply of raisins cleaned and already prepared so you can spend less time cleaning out raisins. Keeping a large supply of clean raisins at hand will save time in the kitchen and, because raisins have a long shelf-life, it makes sense to clean your supply all at once before use.

Clean as many raisins as you can. Lay out about five 5 lbs of raisins on a clean table. If they are damp, powder them slightly with flour to prevent them from sticking to your hands.

Pick off the dry stalks adhering to the raisins, if any, using a knife or your hands. Also pick out the seeds using either a knife or hands. Wet fingers in a bowl of water while doing so to further avoid sticking.

Use a No. 3 wire sieve (or fine enough to disallow raisins to pass through) to strain. Fill the sieve with hot water and stir with a skimmer so the raisins get thoroughly strained.

Put away the raisins in a tin box and use a good cover. Place them in room temperature, such as a pantry. The raisins will remain good for six months.

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