How Can I Pop a Zit Without it Hurting?

By Penny Bollin

Two basic types of pimples exist: whiteheads and blackheads. The base of a pimple forms when oil gets trapped under the skin and bacteria begins to feed on the oils. This results in red and inflamed skin. Eventually the oil builds up creating a pimple. A whitehead forms when the oil reaches the surface. A blackhead forms when the oil reacts with oxygen and blackens. Blackheads also come from dead skin cells, bacteria, and oil.

You can treat pimple without pain.

Popping pimples is not the recommended way of removing acne but as everyone who has had a pimple knows, they just beg to be popped. If you insist on popping a pimple, make sure you wait until it is swollen and the mass has risen near the surface. This will reduce or eliminate any pain and skin trauma involved.

The easy way to pop a pimple

Step 1

Thoroughly wash your hands. Use either regular soap or antibacterial soap.

Step 2

Gently wash your face using a non soap cleanser or a mild exfoliating cleanser.

Step 3

Moisten a large washcloth with warm water. Wring it out and place it over your face for about a minute. Repeat this process several times to soften your skin and open your pores.

Step 4

Place a tissue over the swollen area; gently push down on the area on either side of the pimple, and lightly squeeze the pimple between two fingers until all foreign matter is expelled. If the pimple hurts or does not respond, try another time when it has come to a head.

Step 5

Wash your face a second time to remove the debris and to clean out the newly opened pore.

Step 6

Splash cool water on your face to close the pores.