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The hot towel method has many uses for health and beauty treatments. It is a simple technique of putting a towel in hot water and then wringing it out. It makes an application that can help in penis enlargement, irregularity and clogged pores. This natural and home prepared remedy is easy to do and can also be relaxing.

Penis Enlargement

A British doctor, Robert Chartham, reports that the hot towel method does work in natural penis enlargement. It is a simple process which starts with putting a hand towel or wash cloth in a sink full of hot water. The water should be hot, but not hot enough to burn the skin. The towel is wrung out and wrapped around the penis. The hot towel is applied three or four times at intervals of five minutes.

Beauty Treatments

Use the hot towel method on your face to open the pores and get the deep-down dirt and grime. Men and women both use this method; it not only cleans the pores but it is relaxing. Simply wring out a hot towel and apply it to the face.

Men at the barbershop will have a hot towel applied to their face before and after shaving. It softens the hair for the shaving process and then softens the skin after the face has been shaved.

Open your pores by applying a hot towel to your face before putting on that facial mask. The mask will go deeper into the pores and pull out the dirt. The moist heat on the face also relaxes the jaw and some say melts away the stress.

Irregularity and Cramps

Apply a hot towel to the abdomen if you are irregular or having cramps. A study in Japan found that a person with little or no bowel sounds improved once a hot towel was applied to the abdomen for as little as five minutes. The bowel sounds increased, which indicates the bowel tract was moving again. Use this method as a home remedy when you are experiencing irregularity. The study showed it also helped with cramping due to this condition.

Relieve menstrual cramps with the hot towel method instead of a dry heating pad. The warm, moist heat penetrates deeper than dry, warm heat because it opens the pores of the skin.