Homemade Tanning Lotion With Carrot & Tea Extract

By Angela Neal

The purpose of tanning lotion is to stimulate your skin's production of melanin in the subcutaneous layer of the skin, while deep nourishing and moisturizing your skin so that it is more receptive to the rays of the sun that cause tanning. You can make your own tanning lotion at home for cheaper than it would cost to buy at the store, with a few natural ingredients that include tea and carrot extracts.


When you make your own tanning lotion at home, not only are you saving money, but you also get to decide exactly how it smells and how it functions. You also don't have to expose yourself to the synthetic preservatives that are often found in store-bought brands.

The ingredients you will need are a few good emollients and carrier oils such as coconut oil and lanolin. Any organic oil like olive oil with work nicely. You can also blend these oils with your favorite standard lotion. The active ingredients you will be using are carrot extract and tea extract. The organic tea extract works as an accelerator and also reduces the damaging effects of UVR (Ultra Violet Radiation). Make sure that your carrot extract is a golden color and contains only organic oils and not mineral oil. The antioxidants in the carrot oil work to fight the free radicals in the skin that are produced by UVR and show signs of aging and sun damage. In short, the carrot extract speeds up the tanning process while protecting your skin from damage and risks such as skin cancer (see Resource 1). An ingredient found in some designer tanning lotions is red tea extract, which holds more free-radical-reducing properties than green tea and further protects your skin from damage while allowing you to attain a nice tan.


Mix your ingredients together and blend them well with a whisk in a mixing bowl or in a blender on low speed. Add a few drops of a soothing and skin-safe essential oil such as lavender oil to give your tanning lotion a pleasing fragrance. If you want to use a different essential oil for your scent, check to make sure that it is not photosensitive, or changeable when exposed to sunlight.

Use a funnel to pour your tanning lotion into a resealable container. Since your tanning lotion contains natural plant extracts, make sure you keep the bottle itself out of direct sunlight or the oils with oxidize and your tanning lotion will no longer work.