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Children have lustrous hair that usually doesn’t have the extensive damage of an adult’s, but they also have tender scalps, which make brushing the hair a hassle. Making a homemade detangler saves you the tears of your child and spares her sensitive scalp from the harsh chemicals of inorganic detanglers.

Honey and Olive Oil

In natural hair treatments, honey takes the place of glycerin as the humectant. A humectant is a substance that helps transfer moisture into the hair, giving it a slippery feel that helps prevent tangled hair. Test your child’s sensitivity to honey by placing a small amount on her arm. If she has no reaction, mix the honey with olive oil to make an effective detangler. Put the mixed ingredients in a spray bottle and lightly apply through the hair. The oil and honey make the hair slippery and manageable.

Aloe and Baby Oil

Both aloe and baby oil work to make your child’s hair healthier while making it easy to brush through. Extract aloe by taking some leaves from your fresh aloe plant. Pinch the leaves from the tip to the cut while you hold them over a collection dish. Once you have at least a tablespoon, add it to a spray bottle. The two won’t mix well for long, though, so put the oil in the spray bottle with the aloe juice, shake it vigorously and spray the hair lightly as soon after shaking as possible. Spray the hair only lightly, though, or it will feel oily and unpleasant.

Tea Tree Oil and Eggs

The eggs in this mixture make your hair strong and shiny while the tea tree oil gives you the detangling slip you need for your child’s hair. Your child may not like the smell of the tea tree oil much, but it will help prevent the pain of tangles. Whip the eggs in your blender until they form a cohesive liquid. Add some tea tree oil and whip it some more. Once the two liquids mix fully, run it through your child’s hair in the shower after shampooing. Rinse it out and gently pull your fingers through the hair. Do not let this mixture get near your child’s mouth or hands.

Jojoba Oil and Essential Oil

Jojoba oil smoothes and replenishes damaged hair, relieving tangles at the time of the application as well as later. Essential oils help spice up the mixture by giving it a pleasant smell your child will enjoy. Fill a spray bottle with the jojoba oil as well as half a teaspoon of your child’s favorite fruit scent. Close the spray bottle and shake it well. Spray your child’s hair with the oils while you gently brush through it.