By Kittie McCoy

If you prefer liquid eyeliner, you may have noticed that they are often more expensive than pencil eyeliners. This can be frustrating when you enjoy experimenting with dramatic eye makeup and need to stick to a budget. Instead of purchasing a wide variety of colorful liquid eyeliners, try mixing up your own for pennies using items that you probably already have in your makeup bag.

Use eyeshadow to create custom liquid eyeliner.

Step 1

Break off one corner of an eyeshadow cake in the desired shade of liquid eyeliner with a small spoon. This is a great way to recycle eyeshadow cakes that have already broken or crumbled.

Step 2

Crush the piece of eyeshadow cake with the back of the spoon until you are left with approximately 1/2 tsp. of colored powder.

Step 3

Transfer the crushed eyeshadow to a small, lidded container.

Step 4

Add one drop of water to the crushed eyeshadow and stir the mixture with a toothpick. Continue to add one drop of water at a time until the mixture resembles a thin paste approximately the consistency of craft glue.

Step 5

Apply the homemade liquid eyeliner with an eyeliner brush or a small paintbrush.

Step 6

Store the homemade liquid eyeliner at room temperature with the lid tightened securely. If the eyeliner dries out, you may add water as necessary to achieve the desired consistency.