Homemade Griddle

By Martin Booe

A griddle is a handy thing to have, especially if you're cooking for a large gang of folks. And there are some things that just don't taste quite right unless they're cooked on a griddle: pancakes, fajitas and Asian noodle dishes like lo mein come to mind. With a little metalworking skill, you can make a portable griddle that spans four gas burners on your stove top and can also be used for camping.

Blueberry pancakes taste even better on a griddle you built yourself.

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Step 1

Insert each edge of the sheet metal into the brake press to form a 1-inch lip around the perimeter of the griddle. This will ensure that grease does not leak over the sides, which can potentially cause fire.

Step 2

Weld the corners together so they are sealed.

Step 3

Clean the griddle with water. If you have chosen cast iron, rub it with olive oil, lay it on the stove top, and season it by turning all four gas burners on medium heat until the oil just begins to smoke. Let the griddle cool, then wipe the griddle and repeat.