Home Remedy For Removing Calcium Deposits From Under The Eye

Calcium deposits around the eye are not very common. They are most commonly found in the shoulder area or around the big toe. If they are around the eye, they are generally found in those with eyes that are set back as the bones in that area are more prominent. If you have something on your face that you believe to be calcium deposits, it is important that you have them properly diagnosed by a physician before going forward with any kind of treatment. Once you have a proper diagnosis, there are some home remedies for treatment of calcium deposits.

Home Remedies

Calcium deposits stay for quite some time, and become very hard over time. You will need to work on softening the skin in the area where the deposits are. First wash your face with warm water and a gentle facial cleanser. Pat your skin dry, then take a small amount of olive oil onto your fingertips and gently massage the area where the calcium deposits are. Extra virgin olive oil is a close match to the natural oils produced by our bodies. Therefore it is absorbed quickly and naturally into the skin. Use small amounts to be sure that the skin is absorbing the oil completely. Once you have finished the massage, you can then apply your regular moisturizer. Repeat this routine daily for at least one month before you can expect to see results.

An antibiotic cream can also be used in moderation to soften the skin. Dab a small amount of the cream onto the calcium deposit each day. Once the skin and the deposit have softened, the white, hardened section may come out with a little squeeze. Make sure to keep the area clean to avoid infection after you have removed the calcium deposit.

Some people will take a sterilized needle and poke the center of the white ball. This will help soften the deposit, but it is not recommended to do this at home due to the risk of infection. If you are looking for a more aggressive approach to removing the calcium deposits, contact your physician or dermatologist.