Home Remedies for Sinus Headaches

By Roz Zurko

There is only one thing you want when experiencing the throbbing pain of a sinus headache, and that is relief. Relief for your sinus headache can be found with things that you have right in your home. There are remedies that can be sipped and others that can be inhaled that can give you relief in a very short time. You can also find relief when you are away from home with a few quick home remedies for use on the road.


Food and Drink


Foods rich in vitamin C provide relief, especially when heated. When you have a headache, you want to avoid any cold foods or beverages. Lemonade and orange juice contain vitamin C and you can sip these at room temperature. A warm bowl of tomato soup, rich in vitamin C, will help too. Sipping a hot cup of tea with lemon can help in a couple of different ways: you are getting the vitamin C from the lemon, and you will help loosen the sinus congestion with the steam coming off the tea.

Remedies for the Road


If you are on the road and have no way to boil liquids for inhaling, you can stop at a grocery store and buy a jalapeno pepper. A few bites will give relief by helping drain your sinuses. This home remedy will also make your eyes tear up, so be ready for a good cry.

Another quick way to help your sinuses drain while away from home is to pop a couple of mentholated cough drops into your mouth and let the vapors slowly work on the congestion. This is not the quickest home remedy, but you will get some relief.

Deep-breathing exercises will relax you and ease the pain of the sinus headache. This home remedy helps with any type of pain but works especially well for sinus headaches. Breathe in slowly and deeply through your nose and then exhale slowly through your mouth. A few minutes of this will start to relax the tense muscles that are contributing to your headache.

Steam Remedies


When you have a sinus headache, you are experiencing pain due to the pressure caused by congestion in your head. You need to get rid of that congestion, and the departure of the headache will follow.

Inhaling steam laced with apple cider vinegar can get rid of your headache almost instantly. Mix ½ cup of apple cider vinegar with ½ cup of water and bring the mixture to a boil in a covered saucepan on the stove. When it boils, remove from the heat and let stand for a minute. Lift the cover and slowly inhale the steam through your nose. This is a potent inhalant, so take it a little at a time. Your nose will start to sting. It will then start to drain and provide you with instant relief. You can repeat this throughout the day until your congestion is completely gone. Apple cider vinegar contains a natural antibiotic, so you are also medicating any infection that may be festering in your sinus cavities. This is one of the best home remedies for a sinus headache.

If there is no apple cider vinegar in the house, an inhalant of plain steam will help with the decongestion process that is needed to get rid of your sinus headache. Peppermint oil can be added for an extra soothing effect.

Comfort Remedies


For comfort, you can lie in a dark room with your head back to help with the draining of your sinuses. This old home remedy has been practiced for years. A cool, damp washcloth laid across your forehead will help with the pain. A half- hour of sleep while using this method might be just what the doctor ordered. Many people claim that a smudge of menthol vapor rub under the nose along with lying down will also help to ease this type of headache. A paste made of water and ground cinnamon that is spread on your forehead is also a home remedy that can provide relief.

A foot bath is addressing the opposite end of your body but is a home remedy that will help in the relief of a sinus headache. Put a cool compress on the back of your neck while soaking your feet in warm water. This will help in relaxing you and in turn help in easing the pain of a sinus headache. This home remedy is great to use when this headache hits you at home; it is not one you can easily use while in a business meeting.