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It may happen that you finish a bottle of nail polish remover and have no time to go out to purchase a new one. Perhaps your nail polish remover is expired or evaporated. The easiest thing is to get your creative skills working and use the ingredients in your home to put together a nail polish remover.


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Apply a small amount of perfume to a cotton swab and use it to wipe your current nail polish off your nails. This is effective because most perfumes contain ethyl acetate, an ingredient that can be found in most nail polish removers

Nail Polish

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Often, applying a fresh coat of nail polish can help remove the current nail polish. Apply the nail polish and use a cotton ball to wipe off the nail polish immediately. Although this will help remove nail polish, residue can still be left on your cuticles. This method can be effective when combined with another natural method.

Hairspray and Toothpaste

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Squirt some hairspray or toothpaste onto a cotton ball and rub your nails to remove the current nail polish.

Paint Thinner

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Apply a small amount of paint thinner on your nails to clean your nails. Do not forget to wash your hands thoroughly once you are done.

Solvent and Sponge

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Use any solvent, such as acetone, paint or correction-fluid thinner and a sponge to make your own nail polish remover. Place the sponge into any baby jar and cut a hole in the sponge big enough to fit your finger. Finish by pouring some thinner into the jar. Insert your finger into the sponge and wiggle it around to remove the polish from your nails. Seal the jar tightly after use so the thinner does not evaporate.

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