Home remedies for dry, damaged hair can easily be made right in your kitchen. Stop wasting your money on high end conditioning products. Just open up the refrigerator and give your hair the moisturizing treatment it needs. Strengthen, soften and moisturize your hair using products you already have.


Spread 1/2 cup of full fat mayonnaise through your hair, making sure to cover from root to end as you would a conditioner. Cover your hair with a towel and allow the mayonnaise to sit and moisturize your hair for approximately 15 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo as normal.

Cocoa Butter

Soften 1/2 cup of cocoa butter in the microwave. Spread it onto your hair, vigorously working the cocoa butter through the ends. Let the cocoa butter sit in your hair for 10 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo.

Egg Yolk

Whip 2 large egg yolks together until they are smooth. Work the egg mixture through your hair until all hair is fully saturated. Allow the egg mixture to sit and strengthen while softening your hair for approximately 20 minutes. Then rinse and shampoo.


Pour 3 tbsp. of olive oil, avocado oil or sunflower oil into a zipper bag and heat in a pot of boiling water for 2 minutes. Remove it from the heat and gently work it in until all your hair is drenched. Let the moisturizing oil sit in your hair for 10 minutes. Then shampoo as normal.


Mix together 12 ounces of beer and several drops of your favorite essential oil. Use this daily as a final rinse after shampooing to add protein to your hair.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is moisturizing for hair and helps to promote new hair growth. Rinse your hair with 1/2 cup of pure Aloe Vera juice after shampooing.


Vinegar helps to break down build up and serves to regulate the pH level in your hair. Rinse daily with a mix of vinegar and scented oil to help regulate the pH of your hair and remove excess mineral deposits from styling products.