The seasonal transition from winter to spring is a very symbolic time. As the sun emerges and the rains cleanse the earth, energies start to open up and flow. The blooming flowers, greening landscapes, and wildlife in pairs are evidence.

We also wake from our own long hibernation to new beginnings and growth. It’s a perfect moment to raise your vibes with crystals and gemstones. These earthly minerals are believed to each possess unique vibrational energies to support physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and facilitate shifts. In other words, they can be your best friend and ally in life. But it’s not about buying a bunch of pretty rocks from Etsy and hoping for the best. The secret is to activate them with your intentions, and cleanse them regularly by leaving them out to soak in sunlight and moonlight whenever you feel they need a recharge. Most of all, you have to be open and believe in their power.

According to Rachael Pontillo, a licensed aesthetician who is certified in gemology, these are some of the precious stones and crystals that help to usher in spring.

Get Ready for Spring Romance

Rose quartz is most commonly linked to love, including romantic, platonic, and the greatest love of all—self-love. Wear rose quartz jewelry, carry the crystal with you, or meditate with it in your hands or on your heart chakra to keep your own loving energy flowing. But first, hold the gem in your hands and say your intention out loud. It can be as simple as “I love myself” or “I am love.” Rose quartz helps you embody this vibration of love, leaving you open to receiving more of it.

If you’re feeling so ready to couple up, never leave home without turquoise; it can invite new romance and initiate spontaneous attraction. Trust—a chance coffeeshop flirtation just might be in your future. Emerald can rekindle the flame in a long-term relationship; keep it on a nightstand near the bed, or wear an emerald pendant close to your heart.

Spring Cleaning

Cleaning house isn’t just about dusting off old books and purging closet overflow. Most likely, your home has been sealed up tight all winter, and by spring, it’s definitely time to clear out energetic cobwebs and stagnant energy, says Pontillo. She suggests black tourmaline for the job. To dissolve negativity in kids’ rooms, go with something gentler like celestite.

Start off by smudging—an ancient ceremony that involves burning sage or palo santo to allow the smoke to purify a space. Do this in every room before putting crystals to work. Then, set your intention for the black tourmaline or celestite, and place them in the rooms where you want to bring lightness, positivity, and joy.

Plant Magic

Whether you’re growing a full-blown vegetable garden or want to keep indoor plants thriving, crystals can invigorate greenery. Dendritic and moss agate are associated with trees and the earth, according to Pontillo. The latter is also a symbol of abundance and fertility. These minerals may vitalize and give a strong, rooted energy to indoor plants. Water stones like sodalite and lapis lazuli are good for circulation and drainage. Place the crystals in the soil and offer an appropriate affirmation—say to the plant, “You will grow healthy and strong,” or whatever resonates. As a habit, repeat this affirmation whenever you water the plant. Chances are, the positivity will even program your thoughts toward the same intentions for yourself.

In the garden, daphnite and green calcite are believed to encourage communication among plants so that they can harmoniously share space, nutrients, and grow to their highest potential. Garnet and tiger’s eye promote healthy root systems. Bury these in the soil throughout the garden and mark their spots to remember where they are. In this case, regular cleansing may not be necessary, since the earth’s energy generally keeps crystals at their naturally high vibration.

Gem Essences

Wanna get really mystical? Create a gem essence. Basically, this is just water infused with a mineral’s healing properties, and it’s super simple to make. Try this with moss agate, which is not only beneficial to plants, but to your own growth and abundance, too.

First, make sure the crystal is fully cleansed by a 24-hour cycle of sunlight and moonlight so that it carries no residual undesired energy. Hold the gem in your hands and state your intention for it. Place it in a mason jar and fill the jar with purified water. Cover with a lid, and keep the jar outside under direct exposure to the sun and moon for 24 hours to charge the essence. Leave it undisturbed to keep the crystal’s energy pure. Transfer the essence to a spray bottle, and feel free to spray it on your plants and on yourself each day. This ritual and intention are what give crystals the most power to let the spring season breathe new life into your mind, body, and spirit.