Wanting to look a bit older than you really are is a normal part of growing up. Believe it or not, everyone has gone through it, even your parents. Unfortunately, their generation's version of attempting to look older consisted off too-tight clothing, too-dark makeup and too-big hair. Learn from their mistakes and take the understated approach with a chic hairdo that Reese Witherspoon or J-Lo would rock either at the coffee shop or red carpet.


Chignons are worn by celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Sienna Miller and Reese Witherspoon on the red carpet. Don't be intimidated by the fancy word "chignon." A chignon is simply the French word for bun. Chignons are not your ordinary pile-hair-messily-on-top-of-head buns. Chignons are pinned at the nape of the neck and require a tidier wrapping of the hair than your ordinary high-school bun.

Perfect Curls

Sexy and messy curls are all the rage in magazines such as Teen People and Cosmo Girl. While this hairstyle may be awesome for teens, grown women are over this look. Most women like to look polished and ladylike with just a hint of understated sexiness. For a polished, ladylike hairstyle, create precise curls by using a set of hot rollers. Though hot rollers may be a bit before your time, they are a lot easier to handle than a curling iron and require far less hands-on time.


In a matter of an hour, teen sensation Selena Gomez underwent a hair transformation that visually aged her from 16 to 23. Want to know how she did it? She did it by exchanging her teenybopper do for a sleek and sophisticated bob. Selena opted for a chic shoulder-length bob with side-swept bangs. Bob haircuts make adult women seem more sophisticated, mature and professional than they truly may be, and they'll do the same for young teens.


Ever wonder how Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez manage to have such superchic hair at all times? The truth is, it isn't as much about the haircut as the color treatment. All three of the beautiful women mentioned above always don perfectly toned honey highlights. Honey highlights are flattering on all skin tones and make women of all ages look just a smidge more sophisticated without dramatic coloring or heavy makeup.


Donning an updo is the ultimate way to look at least five years older. Although an updo may not be a practical hairstyle for day-to-day wear, it will make you look like a ravishing young woman as a special-occasion hairstyle. Classic updos typically consist of large pinned-up ringlets, a highly teased beehive (a la Amy Winehouse) or intricate overlapping patterns in the hair.