Hairstyles From Italy

By Amanda Abella

Italians have always been known for fashion. Whether it is the streets of Rome or Milan, fashion is key in the Mediterranean peninsula. Italy has given the world many unforgettable fashion icons, from Sylvia in "La Dolce Vita" to high-class names like Gucci and Robert Cavalli. Hair is no different for the aesthetic country; even from ancient Roman times, Italy has graced the world with luxurious hairstyles that have withstood the test of time.

Long curly tresses have always been a signature of Italian hairstyles.

Ancient Roman Hairstyles

Elegance has been in Italian blood since Roman times. Ancient Roman hairstyles were known for being incredibly elaborate. While young girls may have simply put their curly tresses back into a bun, the hairstyles of the upper class were very intricate. Perhaps the key feature was the abundance of ringlets mixed with the Etruscan style of using ribbons at the crown of the head. These elaborate hairstyles were found to be relatively unmatched until centuries later.

Renaissance Hairstyle

The Italian Renaissance gave way to art, culture and of course fashion. The Roman styles of long tresses were revived with added imagination. Women began to decorate their hair with beads, precious stones, pearls and veils. Additionally, braiding the hair became a very popular trend.

Italian Boy Cut

Even in the 20th century, Italian hairstyles were making a splash. The trademark long tresses were traded in for very short haircuts. For the Italian boy cut, the hair is cut about 4 inches all over and brushed with a forward movement. When done right, it gives a new air of elegance to a woman.