Hairstyles From 1890

By Sidney Johns

The Victorian era of the 1890s was one of fashion and femininity. Hairstyles changed with the new decade, introducing curls and accessories to the daily look.

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The 1890s introduced bangs to the fashion world. The front of the hair was cut above the eyebrows and often curled under with a hot iron.


Young women of the 1890s often chose to wear their hair in long ringlets. Hair was pulled up and secured at the crown, then a hot iron was used to make multiple ringlets to hang down the neckline.


The Pompadour hairstyle was achieved by pulling the hair to the top of the head and securing it with a band. The hair was then twisted and wrapped in a high ball on top of the head and secured with bobby pins.

Hair Powder

Hair Powder was used on the hair to absorb excess oils in lieu of washing. The powder left a white residue on the hair, which became a fashion statement.


Hats were a common hair accessory in the 1890s. The wide brims were decorated with colorful fabrics and wide ribbons with bows.