The 1960's and 1970's brought a lot of change to American fashion. The 1960's was about women in skirts and dresses that showed off their waists. In the 1970's rock 'n roll had changed all that. Women were wearing pants and growing their hair long. Today, we can see a little bit of both eras in the fashion we wear.

1960's Hair

Women often kept their hair short during the 1960's. They mostly kept their hair at about shoulder length. However, they pinned it into an updo when they were going out. During the 1960's the bouffant hairstyle became all the rage. Women ratted their hair into a poof and pinned it underneath. For a more casual look, girls and teens would wear their hair in ribbon headband, with the back of the crown ratted and the ends flipped up.

1960's Makeup

Bright eye makeup became popular in the 1960's--a change from the mostly natural look of the 1950's. Eyeshadow was often dark and/bright. Women favored green and blue shades and often put eyeshadow on their lids all the way the eyebrows. Thick, black mascara made the eyelashes look long, thick and plump. While eye makeup was intense, women tended to leave rest of their faces plain. They favored translucent powder, just a hint of light pink blush on the cheeks and pale or light pink lips. A lipstick in a dark or dramatic color was rarely worn, except among movie stars.

1970's Hair

The 1970's brought a new style to hair. Instead of the done-up look of the bouffant, women wore their hair long, poker-straight and parted down the middle. To achieve this look, many women with curly hair would--literally--iron their hair straight with a clothes iron. The hair of the '70's was simple, natural and free, much like that era.

1970's Makeup

Much like the hair, '70's makeup was mostly natural. Many women used a light coat of black mascara on the eyelashes and a neutral color eyeshadow on the eyelids. On the cheeks, they wore light pink blush. Women in this era favored light, glossy lipstick. During the second half of the decade, things changed again. If women were going to a disco club, they often chose more intense makeup, including dark blue or black eyeshadow, thick mascara, dark pink blush and a dark lipstick.