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Fish is a healthy and nutritious food that is suitable for most people of different dietary persuasions. It is usually light and prepared in a number of different ways, such as baking, frying and sometimes even smoked. White fish, such as cod and sole, are usually prepared differently than heavier, darker fish like tuna and salmon. But you can enhance any fish dish with the right seasonings, all available at your local supermarket.

White Meat Fish Seasonings

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Fish with white meat should be seasoned differently than fish with darker meat. The reason is that fish tastes different depending on both the species of fish and the color of its meat. An easy seasoning for fish with white meat is a combination of fennel seed, thyme, parsley and lemon. Try and balance this mixture, by adding equal amounts of each ingredient. You should also add the ingredients before cooking the fish, as the juices will intermingle and make the dish as a whole more flavorful after cooking. This recipe is suitable for fish such as cod, sole and grouper.

Dark Meat Fish Seasonings

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Fish with darker meat tend to have a stronger flavor and are richer than fish with white meat. Some examples of fish with dark meat include, tuna and salmon. One recipe that works well for fish in this category is a mixture of spices, which include, tarragon, rosemary and summer savory. You should mix equal parts of each and add the mixture before cooking. One tip, this seasoning combination works very well when broiling or lightly barbecuing the fish. The spices will crisp up during this process and compliment the texture of the fish nicely. For an extra garnish add a lemon slice to squeeze over the fish.

Spicy Seasoning

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If you like strong flavor and some add spicy for heat than consider this recipe for fish seasoning. While this recipe works best when used with trout, you can also try it out with other fish favorites. The seasoning combination includes, butter, lemon juice, a couple drops of Tabasco sauce, paprika, salt and pepper. This recipe works well for the barbecue, for frying or for broiling your fish. Experiment with quantity of spices to make the seasoning as hot or mild as you like.