FoodSaver Instructions for Bread

By Karen Curinga

The problem when trying to save bread is that it can go stale very quickly. However, many people like to buy in bulk to take advantage of savings. The FoodSavor is a vacuum sealing system that can solve this problem. It allows you to vacuum seal your bread, or other food items, keeping them fresh for much longer periods of time. Vacuum sealing works by removing all the air from the storage container, thus slowing the growth of mold and bacteria that spoils food saved in the conventional way.

FoodSaver vacuum sealers help preserve bread at its peak of freshness.

Step 1

Cool the bread until it reaches room temperature, if it has been freshly baked. Freezing while bread is hot creates condensation and makes the crust mushy. Slice the loaf or leave it whole. Place the bread loaf in the freezer for one to two hours, until solidly frozen. This will keep the loaf from losing shape from the pressure when vacuum sealing.

Step 2

Select the appropriate size FoodSaver bag for the bread loaf. Place the bread in the bag. Do not place food under the green circle. Leave about 3-inches of empty space at the top of the bag.

Step 3

Lay the bag flat with the green circle facing up. Align the zipper grooves and slide fingers across the bag zipper to close completely. Plug the sealer's cord into outlet. Pull the sealer's Retractable Hose Vacuum Nozzle out of the unit and place over the green circle on the bag. Apply gentle pressure, pushing down over the green circle. Press the green Power Button. The vacuum will stop automatically when all air has been taken out of the bag. Containers are also available from FoodSaver that are specifically designed to hold bread, allowing it to keep its shape.

Step 4

Store the bag in the refrigerator with perishable food if you plan to consume it immediately. Put the bag in the freezer if the plan is for future consumption.