Pirate hairstyles are no longer just for Halloween–women wear them to complement a variety of maritime-inspired outfits, according to Hairfinder.com. Long flowing skirts, peasant blouses, loose trousers and draped, flowery fabrics are just a few of the looks that work well with pirate hair. Choose from several different female pirate hairstyles that work for all hair lengths and types.


One of the easiest ways to create a pirate hairstyle is to tie a scarf or bandanna around your head. Beauty-and-the-Bath.com and Hairfinder.com showcase this simple style that works for any hair length. Fold a square scarf into a triangle, and fit it atop your head with the long ends above each ear. Pull the long ends of the triangle to the back of your head, tying once and then knotting once you loop the short end of the triangle through the tied center. Tie a long, flowing scarf around your head like a headband, sitting just above your ears, knotted at your nape and flowing down your back. Leave your hair flat on the top, or pull random pieces from your crown to drape over the sides of the scarf. Select a scarf that is filmy, fringed, striped or adorned with little skulls to stay with the pirate theme.


Braids are another pirate hair option for women. Wear two braids like pigtails, a la Pippi Longstocking, or a single braid down the back or side of your head. Keep the braids low and loose rather than positioning them high atop your head in a pigtail or cheerleader style. Beauty-and-the-Bath.com also highlights a pirate style that incorporates French braids. French braid the hair on either side of your head, keeping it close to your scalp. Braid each side until the two braids meet in the back, and then continue weaving your hair into one long braid down your back. French braids also work for shorter hair if you join them in the back, resulting in a look that resembles a braided leaf atop your head. Finish off any of the braids with small clips decked out in gemstones or skulls.


Pirate hair can also be wild, wicked and as messy as you can make it. Long-haired women can get wild by applying lots of styling mousse to damp hair and then blow drying with their heads bent upside down, scrunching sections as they dry them. Flip your head back when your hair is dry, and you’re all set. Women with shorter hair can still get wild by spiking their hair with gel. Opt for a super-hold gel to create stiff spikes, or choose a soft-hold gel for a messy, tousled look. Beauty-and-the-Bath.com also depicts a wild style that relies on hairpins to secure hair away from your face and creates a cascade of tousled hair that reaches from your crown down the back of your neck.