How (and why) To Establish A Healthy Oral Hygiene Practice

By Chelsea Becker

How—and why—to establish a healthy oral hygiene practice Everyone can remember being reminded of a clean mouth and proper oral hygiene as kids, and turns out it was for good reason. It's not the most glamorous part of a beaming beauty routine, but it's exactly that—a key to beauty and health. To maintain a mouth that looks good short-term and keeps strong long-term, taking good care of your mouth is a no-brainer. Here's an essential routine to adopt when it comes to your mouth:

Step 1: Brush

Why: To remove bacterial plaque and food particles Twice a day and using a natural toothbrush, brush for 2 minutes with a clean product like David's Natural Toothpaste. Spend 30 seconds in each quarter of your mouth. Don't forget to softly brush the back of your tongue and roof of your mouth to ensure fresh breath by removing bacteria. Also, brushing more than twice a day can unsafely remove enamel and cause gum recession, so try noshing on celery or apples if you feel the need to brush more than twice.

Step 2: Floss

Why: Get rid of hard-to-reach plaque After each brushing sesh, floss with a safe product like Cocofloss. Be gentle and make sure to hit every area in between two teeth, plus it's a good idea to lightly scrape the very back of your molars, too.

Step 3: Mouthwash, optional

Why: To freshen breath further and get that clean feeling Swirl mouthwash for up to 45 seconds to clear the mouth out. If you want extra good breath, gargle before spitting it out. Make sure to visit your dentist 2x per year to get a proper cleaning and professional advice. Constant bad breath is actually indicative of poor oral health, so if you notice these tips not helping, ask your dentist for advice. And don't forget, eating a healthy balanced meal is crucial for maintaining a healthy, clean mouth! Do we sound like your mom yet?

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