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Essential oils are organic liquids derived from natural materials such as plants, herbs, bark and spices. Although the oils are most notably used in fragrances, beauty products and craft projects, they are also utilized in alternative health treatments. Essential oils used as an anti-viral treatment may help reduce swelling in lymph nodes. Viruses and fungi that attach to a human host cell and inject genetic material into the body may remain dormant for weeks or even months before causing ill effects.

Organic Medical Treatments

Essential oils can cause a chemical interaction with the attacking virus that reduces the swelling in lymph nodes and prevents the virus from spreading. Specific vegetables are believed by some scientists and aroma therapists to inoculate the human body from certain diseases. Eating tomatoes to prevent infection from the SARS virus is a common example of the strength of non-commercially engineered medical treatments. Essential oils harness the organic nutrients found inside of plants in a liquid form to be used for a variety of health uses.

Immune System Health

Essential oils that support a healthy immune system may also reduce swelling of the lymph nodes. Organic oils commonly used to boost lymph node health include basil, frankincense, bay laurel, peppermint and angelica. Peppermint increases movement of lymph fluid and flushes infection out of the body. Bay laurel. basil, angelic and frankincense also stimulate the body’s immune system and increase overall health of the lymphatic system. Bay laurel is thought to increase the formation of lymphocytes and stimulate regulation of the lymphatic system. Essential oils can be applied topically with a warm compress to the lymph node area of the throat.

Endocrine System Health

Human lymph nodes are the initial “line of defense” against viruses in the human body. The lymphatic system manages draining of water, fluid balance and protein absorption from interstitial fluid. The body’s endocrine system interacts with the lymphatic system and boosts the overall health of human immunity. Communication between the two systems triggers metabolic responses necessary for active lymph node functions. Essential oils considered beneficial in stimulating endocrine functions to promote lymph node health include vitex, fennel, rose, geranium, myrtle, helichrysum and myrtle. The oils aid in balancing the endocrine system while nourishing the body’s immune system and deflecting infection.

Lymph Node Swelling

Ideally, using essential oils as a preventative will help maintain a healthy lymphatic system. If you are already experiencing swollen or infected lymph nodes, there are essential oils believed to target problems with lymph nodes in the short term. To bolster the filtering or drainage from swollen lymph nodes, try essential oils derived from grapefruit, ravensare, cypress, cajeput, lemon, pine, rainstorm and juniper. Cold sores on the lips or around the mouth can be a sign of an oncoming cold or infection. Try black pepper, cardamom, bergamot or cassia essential oils to fight external oil sores.