If you’ve ever worried about your skin health, muscles, joints, hair or nails, you’ve probably heard the saying, “You are what you eat.” As a wellness enthusiast and editor of this health-minded website, I couldn't agree more. After consulting with Carla Oates, founder of The Beauty Chef, and her line of Inner Beauty essentials, I promise this will change the way you think about beauty. Learn to step away from the band-aids of salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide to get to the root of your skin and beauty "issues" from the inside-out.

In person, Carla perfectly portrays her philosophy of inner beauty first and outer beauty second.

After a personal experience with eczema and dozens of trial and error with the top recommended topicals on the market (side note: she was a beauty editor in Australia for 10+ years!), she shifted her interest and expertise into food and nourishment. She's authored a cookbook (titled, of course, The Beauty Chef), a superfood line, which can find their place in your morning smoothie ritual quite seamlessly, and a growing organic skincare line.

What makes these superfoods different?

The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty line goes through an extensive five-stage Flora Culture Plus fermentation process, which is unique to the probiotic industry in that they’re very concentrated with no traces of unnecessary bacteria. They’re so potent that newbies to the probiotic scene can sometimes feel like their bodies are “purging” at first, and that’s because it is! It's advised to start small. “As the gut readjusts to healthy bacteria, people build up immunity. Start with ¼ tsp of our inner beauty powders to start, then work your way up to 1 tsp,” says Carla.

The results of these potent superfood probiotics: Glowing skin, strong nails, flat stomach, and increased energy. NO. JOKE.

Five weeks into my everyday routine of Glow and Beauty Boost, I'm writing this at 4PM on a Wednesday with no signs of sluggishness in my energy (or face!!!).

An interesting note I took from Carla was that the Glow Inner Beauty Powder acts as your moisturizer and the Collagen Inner Beauty Boost acts as your serum. This was a great way to look at it, and it feels good to know I'm healing my entire body rather than band-aiding the issue (whether that’s acne, fine lines, thinning hair, stiff joints, the list goes on... am I right?!).

Two things I needed to know before Carla and I's conversation ended:

Top Skincare Product: Beauty Fix Balm (The Beauty Chef, $24.95)
Top Makeup Product: RMS Living Luminizer (Detox Market, $30.00)

Now let's collectively clean out our draws full of old skin stuff we tried that didn't work, and start truly healing from the inside, shall we? 💖