Easy Hairstyles for Black Women

By Kay Ireland

Black women face particular struggles when it comes to their hair. The texture of African-Americans' hair can be difficult to work with, and some may deal with stubborn curls. Black women, however, should embrace their hair's texture and natural style. This can save you money on treatments and styling, and allow you to enjoy your natural hair. It also makes the hair much easier to care for. Easy hairstyles for black women are those that stop fighting the type and texture of the hair and work with it to create a sophisticated look.

Cropped Short

Some black women find that the easiest way to deal with their hair is to cut it short. Luckily, most black women have features and face shapes that bode well for close-cropped hair, making them look sassy and original. Try a short pixie cut, like Halle Berry sports, or be more daring and opt for buzzing the hair short all over. The effect is ethereal and sophisticated, not to mention high fashion. Styling is a breeze. For pixie cuts, just mix a dab of gel with pomade or hair wax on your fingertips and tousle the hair gently. For buzzed hair, wake up and go.

Contemporary Bob

If you have smooth hair, but it breaks easily with styling tools and products, try a short cut that removes all of the dead ends from your hair to make it look neater. A shoulder-length or shorter bob looks modern, especially if it has a few graduated layers or is shorter in the back than it is in the front. This way you can show off the smooth texture without torturing your hair with flat irons or relaxers. This is also a good hairstyle to cut some trendy bangs into, which give hair a little more depth and volume.

Natural Curls

Many black women have kinky, natural curls that they battle with every day. Instead of fighting them, tame them to create a natural and proud hairstyle that you can show off. First, look for a hairstylist who specializes in keeping black women's hair natural without the help of relaxers. She can cut in a style that layers the curls to give them better shape. Then use a combination of styling products, such as a curling creme or flexible gel, to scrunch into your hair when it is wet to define the curls, and then a diffuser to set them and keep them looking healthy and shiny. Show off your natural hair and save yourself time and money by not trying to change it.