Drinks Made With Vanilla Vodka

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The early 21st century saw a huge boom in the range of available vodka flavors; although some turned out to be no more than novelties, a few had lasting impact on the drinking world. Vanilla vodka produces smooth tasting, easy-drinking cocktails that are pleasantly sweet without the overpowering candy taste of some other flavored vodkas.

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Drinks Made With Vanilla Vodka

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In many cases, vanilla vodka can create an interesting new spin on traditional vodka mixed drinks or even nonalcoholic drinks. Examples include:

  • The Creamsicle screwdriver, which simply mixes vanilla vodka with orange juice, replacing the plain vodka in a traditional screwdriver.
  • The White Russian; the vanilla complements this smooth, creamy coffee drink. Simply combine 2 parts vanilla vodka to 1 part each coffee liqueur and cream; chill and serve in an Old Fashioned glass.

  • To create an alcoholic version of a diner classic, mix vanilla vodka and cola; serve over ice.

Just as vanilla ice cream and apple pie go perfectly together, vanilla vodka is a good choice for drinks containing apple.

  • Mix vanilla vodka with apple juice to create an apple breeze; just pour vanilla vodka over ice in a tall glass and top with apple juice in the same way you would top up a screwdriver with orange juice.
  • A spicier apple mixed drink is ginger apple punch. Combine 2 parts ginger beer with 1 part each vanilla vodka and apple juice, and then add apple slices, lime wedges and thinly sliced ginger.

The sweetness of vanilla vodka can combine well with less sweet ingredients. Vanilla vodka and coffee adds a smooth alcoholic impact to hot or iced coffee. Other vanilla vodka combinations include:

  • The _spicy fifty_, which mixes a generous shot of vanilla vodka with a tablespoon each of elderflower cordial, lime juice and honey syrup as well as two slices of red chili pepper and an extremely hot bird's-eye pepper.

  • A blend of vanilla vodka and iced tea takes on a more complex character with a dash of bitters and a length of apple peel.