Does Wearing Your Hair Up Make It Grow Faster?

If there were some miracle method to growing out hair faster, everyone would be on it. Some hair experts say that wearing hair up can do the trick. While there isn't much science behind this, the theory is that an updo keeps individual strands protected and minimizes the chance of breakage. The truth is, good hair growth is a product of careful maintenance, mindful styling techniques and healthy habits.

How an Updo Helps Hair Growth

Aside from protecting the strands, an updo also hides the fragile ends, which can be prone to splitting and dryness if left in open air. A key part of growing longer hair is making the most of the productive part of the growth cycle. As hair grows longer, it's more prone to being pulled and becoming knotted on a daily basis. Wearing it up can prevent damage during this stage and yield thicker, longer hair.

Styling Dos and Don'ts

If you wear a ponytail, do keep it loose—a tight ponytail may put stress on your roots. Same with braids, French twists and buns.

When styling your hair, do use a soft, natural boar bristle brush and a wide-toothed comb to prevent pulling and friction.

Don't load hair down with heavy styling products daily, since these can clog up the hair follicles and slow down growth.

So, final answer: Does wearing your hair up make it grow faster? Maybe, maybe not—but if you're careful in the way you style it, an updo can help keep hair healthy.