Do Pinto Beans Increase Blood Sugar Levels?

By William McCoy

Digging into a serving of pinto beans in a Mexican dish or as part of a stew provides a satisfying feeling that is customary upon eating many carbohydrates. As you chew these fiber-rich beans, however, you don't need to fret about the effect they're having on your blood sugar. Although pinto beans increase your blood sugar, they do so only minimally.

Bowl with pinto beans
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Low Glycemic Load

Boiled pinto beans have a glycemic index of 14, while steamed pinto beans have a glycemic index of 33. In either type of preparation, pinto beans are a low-glycemic food, which means that while they'll increase your blood sugar, it won't rise as quickly as when you eat medium- or high-glycemic foods. The high amount of protein and fiber in pinto beans contributes to their low ranking on the glycemic index. High-fiber foods are valuable in preventing your blood sugar from rising too quickly.