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Hair wraps are a colorful way to temporarily dress up your hair, but they must be maintained. Try not to twist or play with your wrap too much, as this will loosen the weaving. With proper maintenance hair wraps will not damage hair.

Hair Wrap Quality

It's best to go to a salon when getting a hair wrap. Often the professionals will have a higher-grade string than found at most craft stores. Additionally, hair wrap specialists can ensure that the wrap will be free of kinks and loose spots.

Caring For The Hair Wrap

Once you have a hair wrap, it becomes part of your hair. You are free to swim in chlorinated pools and wash your hair with your normal shampoo. Because hair wraps are woven so tightly, you should take extra care and blow dry the hair wrap after getting it wet. There is little air circulation within the wrap, and if it's left in for longer than two months, a mold could grow if the hair inside the wrap stays damp for too long. However, the thread will not cause the hair to rot or weaken.


It's best to have a professional remove the wrap because if you cut too deeply you will cut off your hair. If removing yourself, snip the end off first. You may want to have a seam ripper on hand to remove the rest of the wrap as it's bound to be tightly woven.