Directions for a Snuggie

By Christina Sloane

Snuggie ( is the trademarked name for a polyester garment – best described as a blanket with arms or backwards robe -- typically worn while lounging in the privacy of your home. The product's campy TV commercial, which features a cheerful family wearing the Snuggie in public, widely popularized the item as an ironic gag gift. Despite the Snuggie's inherent corniness, many -- having found the garment to be warm and cozy -- regularly wear it in earnest. "Suggested uses" shown in the product's packaging and advertisements cause some confusion about how to safely and properly wear the Snuggie.

Wear your Snuggie to keep warm around the house.

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Step 1

Wear the Snuggie with the open-side facing the back, hospital-robe style, to best experience the garment's warmth and comfort.

Step 2

Wear the Snuggie with the open-side facing the front, shower-robe style, for less warmth. Unfortunately, the Snuggie does not come with a belt like a traditional bathrobe.

Step 3

Sit, lounge, stand still, sleep or engage in light physical activity when wearing the Snuggie. As the one-size-fits-all garment typically falls below the foot, it is dangerous to jog, run or jump in the garment and especially dangerous to ascend or descend a staircase.

Step 4

Wear clothing under the Snuggie if going out in public or wear it shower-robe-style and draw it closed with a belt. While the actors in the Snuggie commercial are seen wearing the garment in public, be aware that, while legal, this practice may draw attention and ridicule.

Step 5

Stay away from open flames while wearing the Snuggie. Though some packaging shows a family wearing their Snuggies while roasting marshmallows around a fire, this is an extremely dangerous practice. Flames could set the loose fabric ablaze.