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Performing at home salon and spa services has become more commonplace as new products have entered the market that are easy enough for self-use. The ability to perform facials, facial peels and skin conditioning treatments has allowed many women to reduce the costs associated with having such services done, as the at home versions are far cheaper compared to at a full service salon. One such product is L'Oreal's ReNoviste Peel which is a glycolic acid peel kit.

Open the L'Oreal ReNoviste Peel kit and make sure that all items are in the box. Know that included should be the Soft Glycolic Peel container, a bottle of Post-Peel Neutralizer and a bottle of Rebalancing Moisturizer. Set all items out on a counter, in a bathroom, with easy access to a sink and a mirror.

Pull hair back off of your face by using a headband and a ponytail holder. Wash your hands and face, using gentle soap. Do not scrub your face or use any cleansers with exfoliation properties as you do not want your skin to be prepped too harshly prior to the peel. Using a dry, white hand towel, pat your face dry.

Open the container labeled Soft Glycolic Peel and place a few drops of the solution on a clean cotton ball or pad. Apply the glycolic acid to your face using gentle, sweeping motions. Make sure to cover your entire face, especially problematic areas with wrinkles. Avoid getting the solution too close to the eyes or mouth.

Allow the peel to set into your skin. Follow the manufacturers written instructions as all skin types are different. Though the peel will sting and tingle slightly, remove the product sooner if you experience a burning sensation. Test an area of the face by gently tapping the skin to see if the peel has firmed up. At about the ten to fifteen minute mark the product should be dry enough for you to perform the actual peeling off of the product. Peel of the product and dispose of it in a trash can. Wash and dry your hands thoroughly again.

Get a clean cotton ball or pad and place a few drops of the Post-Peel Neutralizer on the cotton. Apply to all areas of the skin that had been exposed to the peel as this product counteracts the glycolic peeling action and thus stops the process. Apply using a dabbing motion and make sure to reach all areas. Allow the product to air dry naturally and do not rub the face or apply too much pressure as the skin is still sensitive at this point.

Using another clean cotton ball, place some of the Rebalancing Moisturizer on the pad. Apply a generous amount of the moisturizer to your entire face, not missing any area. Allow the product to naturally soak into the skin. You may use clean fingertips and a gentle, circular motion to help speed up the absorption of the moisturizer if necessary.

Avoid going into direct sunlight on the day after performing a chemical or glycolic acid peel. If you must go outdoors, put on ample amounts of sunblock containing a high SPF factor. Do not perform a glycolic peel every day and limit the amount of peels to no more than three per week. Perform peels in the evening if possible to allow your skin to settle down and regenerate during the overnight hours while you sleep.


Use caution when applying products near your eyes and always work in a well lit room.


Do not use a peel if you have damaged or sensitive skin as it may cause harmful results.

Seek medical attention immediately if you have an adverse reaction or get any of the product in your eyes or mouth.