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Dijon mustard, named after the region in France where it originated, has a distinctive taste. It gets its robust flavor from verjus, a juice that comes from unripe grapes. If you would prefer another taste over Dijon mustard’s spicy kick, or if you find yourself without Dijon mustard in the house, you have a few options for substitutes.

Honey Mustard

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If you’d prefer a sweeter substitute to spicy Dijon mustard, honey mustard will work. Honey mustard is available in most grocery stores or you can prepare it at home by mixing equal parts of honey and yellow mustard.

Yellow Mustard

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Yellow mustard can stand in for Dijon mustard. More tart than Dijon mustard, it is also smoother in texture and less spicy. Yellow mustard is available in grocery stores or online.

Homemade Dijon Mustard

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If you happen to find yourself in need of Dijon mustard but don’t have any on hand, you can put together a similar mustard from common kitchen items. Use 1 part each yellow and brown mustard seeds, 2 parts dry white wine, 1 part white wine vinegar and salt to taste. Marinade the seeds in the wine and vinegar for two days, then blend or mix the other ingredients in a mortar and pestle.

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