Different Ways to Roll Up the Sleeves of a Dress Shirt

By Grace Covelli

A dress shirt can be worn with just about anything. Wear one with a suit and you look smart and professional. Wear a dress shirt with a skirt and you look neatly dressed. A dress shirt can also be worn with dress slacks for a polished look. For a more casual look, wear a dress shirt with blue jeans. Change your look in an instant by rolling up your sleeves. How you roll them up will determine the look you create.

The Four-Turn Roll

A common way to roll up the sleeves of a dress shirt is to fold the cuff up and over four times. Once this is done, the sleeve of your shirt should fall just below the elbow. The sleeve should then be pushed up above the elbow for a short-sleeve look.

The Three-Turn Roll

The three-turn roll can be used to create three-quarter-length sleeves. To do it you will have to fold the cuff of your sleeve up and over three times. Three-quarter-length sleeves give a neat and casual appearance and look attractive when wearing blue jeans.

The Fold-Under Roll

Some people want to roll up their sleeves, but leave them down instead because they don't like the look of exposed seams on the sleeves of the shirt. Seams will become visible when you roll up your sleeves beyond the cuff line. To roll up the sleeves of your dress shirt in a way that will hide the seams, fold the sleeve under instead of over. Fold your sleeve under three times to create a shorter sleeve with no seams.

The One-Flip Roll

When wearing dress slacks and a dress shirt you may want to give your outfit a unique look. One way to do this is to flip the cuff of your unbuttoned sleeve up one time only. Leave the flipped cuff unbuttoned to give the bottom portion of your sleeve a winged effect. This method of rolling up your sleeves takes little effort, and the result looks trendy.

The Buttoned One-Flip Roll

The buttoned one-flip roll is to be used if you want to shorten your sleeves and keep your cuffs visible. To do this roll, turn your cuff up and over once and button the cuff on the side. This is a simple and effective way to shorten a sleeve without losing the appearance of the cuff.