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There are four different types of nail clippers which perform slightly different functions. Two of the types are used more often than the other two. If you are interested in doing your own pedicures and manicures, then you might want to invest in a variety of nail clippers.

Guillotine Nail Clipper

The guillotine nail clipper is one of the most common types of nail clippers. This nail clipper can be identified by its round holes and sharpened edges on the head. To use this nail clipper you insert it over the nail and slice across. It is curved to fit the shape of the fingernail. The disadvantage to this nail clipper is that it will not cut smaller finger- or toenails as nicely as others and may be difficult to cut just the tips of the nail.

Scissor Nail Clipper

The scissor nail clipper is also a common nail clipper. These nail clippers look and operate just like a pair of scissors, with two separate blades attached to two separate hinges. This nail clipper should be used for trimming the small details on the sides and tips of the nail and near the cuticles.

Lever Type Nail Clipper

The lever-type nail clipper is used for filing, nipping and removing dirt from underneath the nail. According to product review website, “These nail clippers have horizontal heads with a narrow opening for fitting over the nail.”

The pliers-type nail clipper is similar to the scissors type nail clippers in that they have two separate blades attached to two separate handles, but are different in how they are used: they cut from both sides of the nail with one easy clip.

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