Dansko Vs. Sanita

By Erin Carson

The importance of a well-fitting shoe cannot be underestimated, and Dansko has a legion of loyal fans who love the fit of its clogs. Many nurses and other professionals swear by the comfort and utility of these shoes. Therefore, Dansko's 2007 split from Sanita has left many fans wondering how this will change the availability and comfort of their favorite shoes.

Dansko Vs. Sanita


Sanita and Dansko had a business relationship for over 17 years, in which Sanita manufactured all of the shoes in Dansko's stapled clog collection. Sanita is a Danish shoe company which has been in business since 1907, while Dansko is an American company which manufactures and sells European-style footwear. In August of 2007, the companies decided to end their relationship and pursue their own business opportunities. Sanita, at that point, began to sell the exact same clogs once sold under the Dansko name in the U.S. under the Sanita label. Dansko subsequently redesigned its clogs and hired new manufacturers to produce them under the Dansko name. These shoes look extremely similar to one another, and both companies use the same type of branding to identify them, such as the Professional, Ingrid and Sonja.


If you compare the Dansko and Sanita stapled clogs, they can be hard to tell apart. The redesigned Dansko is a bit wider and it has a curved heel at the back. According to Dansko's 2008 catalog, its redesign "introduced structural innovations to enhance the performance of these clogs; improved lateral stability, better shock absorption, more secure heel strike and improved aesthetics."

To determine whether or not your existing clogs were made by Dansko or Sanita, check the sole of your shoes. If it was manufactured before 2008 by Sanita, you will see patent 0060240. You might even see the Sanita company name in addition to patent 0060240 on older pairs. If the sole of your shoes has no patent number, you have a redesigned Dansko shoe which was manufactured in 2008 after its split from Sanita.


Dansko and Sanita are both well-established companies that have a great deal to offer the market. For fans of these types of clogs, the increased competition among these manufacturers might lead to enhanced product innovations and expanded choices. In fact, fans of both of these shoes might not find the decision to buy Sanita or Dansko an either/or proposition. There is definitely room in a comfort shoe lover's closet for both.


If you have been wearing Dansko clogs for many years and want a shoe that is identical to those that have become your favorites, you might want to purchase a Sanita clog. These are the same shoes Dansko sold under its name for many years. On the other hand, if you enjoyed many aspects of the traditional Dansko but are open to exploring something different, consider trying the new Dansko clogs.


As of 2009, many of the Sanita-manufactured Dansko clogs are still being sold at shoe stores. If you want to try the newly redesigned Danskos, ask the retailer for the new production line.