Dangers of Estroven

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Estroven is an all-natural herbal blend supplement that is used to treat night sweats and hot flashes in menopausal women. This treatment has proved to be an effective alternative to synthetic hormone replacement therapies. Although there are few dangers associated with Estroven, women have found that this supplement is associated with some side effects.

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Dangers Of Estroven

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Black cohosh, one of the herbs in Estroven, has been known to have estrogen-mimicking qualities. However, a significant number of women can not tolerate black cohosh, which may cause headaches. Black Cohosh also may contribute to night sweats.


For women sensitive to herbs and stimulants, Estroven may cause increased anxiety. In addition, women with caffeine sensitivities may experience heart palpitations.


Herbs are the active ingredient in Estroven. If this product is not used to specific guidelines, the body may have strange reactions, and adjusting the recommended dosage could cause the treatment to become ineffective.


Ask a physician before taking Estroven. Women who are not yet menopausal should not take supplements with black cohosh unless specified by a physician.


Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take Estroven.