Country Hairstyles for Men

By Anne Shelton

Country music has spawned a variety of unique fashion trends. These range from cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats, to fringed shirts and vests. So it's not surprising to learn there's a whole class of country hairstyles for men–styles that boast certain grit and charm. If you're looking for a 'do that would turn the head of any cowgirl, look no further. Here are just a handful of country-inspired hairstyles for men.

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The Billy Ray Cyrus mullet

No guide to country hairstyles for men would be complete without paying homage to the mullet. The mullet has been around for decades, but country singer Billy Ray Cyrus epitomized the look when he Achy-Breaky'ed his way into the hearts of country and western fans worldwide in the early 1990s.

True to its "party in front, business in the back" tag line, this country hairstyle has short, layered hair on the front and sides and long flowing hair in the back. While many people make fun of the mullet, a hairstyle worn by just about everyone in the 1980s, the look has remained popular, with modern day versions being a little tamer than Billy's.

The Keith Urban shag

New Zealand-born country singer Keith Urban rocks a rugged, but sexy look with his trademark shag hairstyle. Long razor-cut layers frame his face, with the full length tapering around his collar. Highlights add extra depth, and a little styling product goes a long way toward showing off this edgy look. The result? Well, let's just say it was enough to win over Nicole Kidman.

The rockabilly pompadour

Rockabilly crooners Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley wore pompadour hairstyles. These exhibited the grit and rebellion of the 1950s working class. The cut is longer on top and in the back. "Greasers" sculpted this into high-rise glory with the hair on top pushed forward and fanning over itself. And they combed the back and sides close to the scalp. While the pompadour certainly had its heyday, the look has never completely gone out of vogue. Just look at singers Chris Isaak and Brian Setzer for proof of that.

When all else fails...

Men who can't quite pull off the country look with their hairstyles can always take a cue from Kenny Chesney and Tim McGraw and keep their heads covered. That's with an authentic cowboy hat, of course. Whatever you do, leave the bandanna and braids to Willie Nelson.