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Testicular varicose veins are swollen blood vessels. The scrotum has a blood flow pattern where the blood in the testicles drains into tiny varicose veins and then into the larger veins that take the blood to the heart. Blood flows through valves inside the tiny veins and, when a valve fails to function properly, varicose veins form. The varicose vein is actually a backup of blood flow in the scrotum that enlarges the tiny veins causing pain and discomfort. If scrotum varicose is left untreated, pain will increase and infertility may occur.


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In April 2007, the "Science Daily" wrote an article about two reports from physician-scientists at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center indicating lowered levels of testosterone in men may cause scrotum varicose. Studies indicate when varicose veins are removed, testosterone levels improve 100 percent. Testosterone production reduces when men go through andropause, which is menopause for men. During andropause, men may see a decrease in their sex drive, erections may be more difficult to obtain and keep, men may get depressed and lower body muscle strength may decline. Testosterone production is lower when scrotum varicose causes twists and enlargement in the testis. Scrotum varicose also can cause a reduction in sperm count.


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Excessive masturbation can cause scrotum varicose. Excessive masturbation inflames the scrotum and the spermatic cord. Tight underwear and pants, excessive sitting and bike riding also are causes for scrotum varicose. Men between the age of 15 and 25 most commonly suffer from scrotum varicose since this is the age bracket when masturbation has a tendency to become excessive. Conditions causing scrotum varicose needs to be stopped immediately, allowing the scrotum to recover from inflammation.


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Coffee has a therapeutic value for rejuvenating skin by making it smoother, according to Health.com. If your scrotum has varicose veins, massaging your scrotum with a coffee ground mixture could provide comfort. Mix 1 cup of cool coffee grounds, ½ cup of sugar, ½ tbsp. of jojoba oil together. This mixture will hydrate the scrotum skin. Aroma therapy also may be helpful. Inhaling coffee aroma reduces stress and provides a relaxed sensation. When your scrotum hurts so much you can’t get comfortable standing or sitting, aroma therapy might get your mind off the stress caused by your profound discomfort.


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Caffeine is not good for scrotum varicose. Drinking caffeinated coffee can actually cause more harm than good. Caffeine is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates you. People who are dehydrated put stress on their veins, causing a reduction or back wash in blood flow. Avoid drinks and foods containing caffeine. Drinking decaffeinated tea and coffee will give you the same aroma and taste while keeping your body hydrated. Desserts, sodas, energy drinks and some alcoholic beverages have caffeine. Excessive caffeine intake causes renal problems. A decrease in renal flow puts stress on the tiny veins in the scrotum, creatinine buildup occurs, and sodium and calcium excretion also occur.

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