By Jill Jacobs

The Chef's Choice 300 Electric Sharpener is a handy tool for any chef or at-home cook. The Chef's Choice 300 features a diamond abrasive disk two-stage system to sharpen knives. The first stage is for fine sharpening of medium to extremely dull knives. The second stage is for filing and polishing the razor-sharp edge to perfection. Diamond abrasives sharpen inexpensive to the most expensive knives without damaging, detempering or weakening the metal. The Chef's Choice 300 comes with springs inside the sharpening slots to hold the knife firmly against the diamond disk.

Any brand of knives can be sharpened by the Chef's Choice 300.

Stage 1

You can make the most of your space with the compact Chef's Choice 300.

Find an open space with enough room to comfortably sharpen your knives. The Chef's Choice 300 will plug into any standard kitchen outlet and has a simple on/off switch on the bottom panel.

The spring on the Chef's Choice 300 allows for guided sharpening.

Take a knife and first make sure it is completely clean and dry. Before turning on the machine, practice by taking the knife and placing it first between the left slot and the spring on the stage 1 section. On the left and right of both stages are slots with springs to guide the knife gently along the diamond abrasive disk. When using either stage, you will first run the knife through the left slot and then the right, alternating each time.

Even serrated blades can be sharpened in the Chef's Choice 300.

Slowly lower the knife into the slot until it touches the diamond abrasive disk. Pull the knife toward you, gently lifting the knife at an upward angle and pulling it slightly off the slot while touching the tip of the blade to the diamond disk. Repeat this process on the right slot of stage 1.

Standard sharpeners take far more time and effort then electric.

Once you've completed this practice run, turn the Chef's Choice on and repeat Step 3 until the knife is sharpened to your preference.

Stage 2

Razor-sharp blades are easy to maintain with a Chef's Choice 300.

Stage 2 is where the blade gets its final polish and razor-sharp finish. When using stage 2, you will first run the knife through the left slot and then the right in the stage 2 section.

The skin of tomatoes provides a perfect location to test your blade.

Following the same procedures as in stage 1, slowly pull the knife toward you and up to sharpen all the way to the tip. Two or three pulls of the knife through stage 2 will be adequate.

With a fine chop, eliminate teary eyes.

Once you can slice through a tomato without squeezing the juice and seeds out, your knife is ready for action. Another great test is on a fresh onion. Onions when chopped cause a teary reaction for the chopper; with a perfectly sharp blade, this reaction is literally severed.