Canola Oil Hair Treatments

By Ann Hudson

Ordinary canola oil can do a lot more than fry food. Hot oil hair treatments are a great way to combat dryness, split ends and breakage. While over the counter hair treatments can be very expensive, inexpensive canola oil can serve as a basic ingredient for homemade dry hair remedies. While outcomes can vary depending on the original state of the hair, proponents of canola oil hair therapy say that it's possible to get great results from this common kitchen essential.


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Aside from its low cost, one of the major benefits of using canola oil on the hair is that it's completely natural and contains no dyes, perfumes, or other artificial ingredients. With all of the shampooing, blow drying, coloring, bleaching, and hot ironing that hair is exposed to, it's easy to understand the need for the kind of deep conditioning that hot oil treatments using canola oil can offer. Another benefit of canola oil treatments is that they can be accomplished without a great investment of time and within the privacy of your own home.



There are a number of different recipes for canola oil hair treatments. Some list canola oil as the main component while others use canola oil in conjunction with other oils and ingredients. Mixing equal parts of canola and olive oil can be very effective. Other recipes may call for ingredients such as mashed avocados, honey or egg yolk. In addition to these ingredients, most recipes require a wide tooth comb, a glass container, a microwave, and a warm towel.



A basic canola oil hair treatment will require about 6 tbsp of canola oil or a mixture of three tablespoons each of canola oil and olive oil. Warm the oil by placing it in the microwave on high for about 15 seconds, or until slightly warm but not scalding hot. While the oil is heating, toss the towel in the dryer so that it's nice and warm when needed. After making sure that the oil is cool enough to handle, pour it into your hands and work it through your hair. Comb it the rest of the way through with a wide toothed comb. Now just wrap your head up in the warm towel and wait 30 minutes. After this it's just a matter of washing your hair as you normally do.