Caffeine Pills Vs. Coffee

By Jeffrey Brian Airman

Caffeine pills and coffee can both give you an extra boost of energy. Coffee drinkers enjoy the flavor and fulfillment of a hot cup on a cold day. Others consider coffee to be bitter and would rather get caffeine in a different way. Caffeine pills don't have the flavor or aftertaste of coffee that can be off-putting to some. When used correctly, caffeine pills can be a safe caffeine alternative for those who don't want to bother with coffee.

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Using caffeine pills in the place of coffee is a real time saver for people who are constantly on the go. Pills can be kept in a dry and cool place like a desk drawer, purse, or glove box for easy accessibility. With caffeine pills you eliminate the need to brew anything or clean up messy coffee grounds and spills. Coffee can get cold if it is not consumed quickly, but caffeine pills are ready to go anytime.

Creamers and Sweetners

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Many coffee drinkers like to use cream, dry creamer or milk in their coffee. This can add a rich creamy texture and flavor that many coffee lovers enjoy. To eliminate the additional fat, a fat-free creamer can be used, or coffee can be consumed without cream. If you do not want to drink black coffee or use nonfat creamer, then a caffeine pill can be taken.

Taking a caffeine pill instead of drinking coffee can reduce your intake of sugar or artificial sweeteners. Many people add some sort of sweetener to their coffee to even out the bitter taste. Cutting back on refined sugar use in coffee can reduce your daily caloric intake. Uncoated caffeine pills have no sweeteners, while the coated variety can contain small amounts of sucrose in the shell.


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Coffee has a huge following of people who appreciate its versatility and flavors. Specialty drinks like espresso and cappuccino can be flavored with syrups and liquors. Served either hot or cold, coffee can provide a refreshing drink full of energy. For some people, the bitter flavor or the aroma of brewed coffee is off-putting, and the thought of drinking an entire cup or more of something they don't like the taste of, just for the effects of caffeine, is a daunting prospect. The flavorless caffeine pill can be swallowed with pure water or even dissolved into your favorite drink. The variety of ways a caffeine pill can be taken makes it an attractive caffeine delivery option for people who do not like the flavor of coffee.


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The worst part of drinking coffee for some people may be what is left behind after they are done drinking it. The aftertaste and coffee breath that linger after a cup of coffee can lead someone to choose a different form of caffeine. A caffeine pill has no aftertaste and has no affect on your breath. For people in a social situation like a date, a caffeine pill can be a more discreet option for caffeine use.


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The average caffeine pill has the equivalent caffeine dose found in two shots of espresso or slightly less than two cups of drip coffee. Both coffee and pills should be taken carefully, as they are both diuretics that can deplete the fluids in your body. Drinking coffee replaces some of the fluids lost because of the effects of caffeine. To stay hydrated, those taking caffeine pills need to drink extra water. There is an overdose risk when too much caffeine is ingested. One would need to drink around 80 cups of coffee or take approximately 40 caffeine pills to be in this danger zone. When heart rate rises above 90 beats per minute, no more caffeine should be ingested.