Burned Hair Remedies

By LeafTV Editor

Heat-styling tools such as flat irons or curling irons, a chemical treatment gone wrong or an unfortunate encounter with fire can result in burned hair. Prompt attention to those burned strands is essential to nourish your tresses. How you treat your burn depends on what caused it and the condition of your tresses after the damage.

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Burned Hair Remedies

A too-hot flat iron or curling iron is all it takes to fry your hair. A burn zaps the moisture out of your tresses, leaving the affected strands feeling like straw. Moisturizing burned hair is the key to repairing it. Several products can help you amp up your hair's hydration, which can minimize the effects of the burn:

  • Leave-in conditioner: Massage the conditioner into your burned tresses to provide day-long hydration. Look for natural ingredients, such as botanical extracts and keratin amino acids, which are sensitive enough for your damaged locks.
  • Lightweight natural oils: Work a dime-sized amount of Argan oil or Moroccan oil into your tresses. These oils are known for their natural moisturizing properties, which can help remedy that straw-like texture and restore your hair's natural radiance and softness.

A hair-coloring, perming or relaxing treatment gone awry can result in burned tresses. Deep conditioning is required to restore your hair to its previous texture and luster. After the burn, use a conditioning and restorative hair mask, which can rejuvenate your tresses with vital nutrients and moisture. Look for cutting-edge Polyfluoroester technology, which is capable of maintaining moisture in each strand to quickly repair burned hair.


If you're desperate for some hair repair and don't have a mask at home, head to the kitchen. Combine some olive oil and honey to create a DIY mask that restores moisture. Massage it through damp hair, slip on a shower cap and let this homemade mask deeply hydrate your hair overnight before rinsing it out.

A rowdy night with some firecrackers or a disastrous cooking encounter might leave you with singed hair. If your burns are on the ends, you're in luck -- because trimming away the burned hair is necessary. Visit your stylist to trim off the scorched hair and style your new, shorter 'do.

If your hair is damaged beyond repair, it risks splitting upward, further damaging the healthier root. Work with your stylist to cut your hair in a way that masks the missing pieces well.

Once you've trimmed away your singed locks, incorporate gentle products into your hair care routine to repair the damage. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and condition regularly with a botanical blend or coconut oil, which is a natural way to impart moisture onto your tresses. And, of course, keep your tresses away from open flames to avoid these troubles again.