Burned Hair Remedies

Heat styling, bleaching, chemical treatments—people go to great lengths to have gorgeous tresses, but many of these processes could actually burn hair. A flat iron or curling iron that's too hot is all it takes to cause major damage—not to mention coloring, perming or relaxing.

A burn zaps the moisture and leaves the affected strands feeling like straw. Reintroducing moisture is the key to repairing hair. Here are some products that can help:

  • Leave-in conditioner: A leave-in treatment provides day-long hydration. Look for natural ingredients like botanical extracts and keratin amino acids, which are gentle enough for damaged locks.
  • Lightweight natural oils: Just a dime-sized amount of argan, marula or jojoba oil (to name a few) can help revive hair, minimize the straw-like texture, and restore natural radiance and softness.

Deep conditioning is essential to restore hair to its previous texture and luster. Immediately after the burn, use a conditioning and restorative hair mask for vital nutrients and moisture. If you don't have a mask at home, head to the kitchen and create a DIY version with olive oil and honey. Massage it through damp hair, slip on a shower cap, and leave on overnight before rinsing it out.

If your hair is burned beyond repair, it may split upward, damaging the healthier part of the strands. Work with a hairstylist to cut hair in a way that masks the missing pieces well.

Once you've trimmed away the singed pieces, incorporate gentle products into your hair-care routine. Use a sulfate-free shampoo and condition regularly with a botanical blend or coconut oil. Consider taking a break from any potentially damaging treatments for a while.