Brunch Party Ideas

By Krystle Vermes

A brunch party is the perfect get together for family and friends alike when you don't want to go through the hassle of hosting a full-out bash. One of the best things about a brunch party is the food is often quick and easy to make. And there is an abundant choice of recipes to satisfy even the pickiest guest.

Brunch parties are fast, easy and fun.

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Mini hot cakes are a great treat.

Nibblers are the equivalent of appetizers at a cocktail party, but at a brunch party, the standards are more casual. Fruit platters are a great appetizer for brunch, and complement the breakfast theme as well. French toast slices with powdered sugar are another quick and easy nibbler, and you can even spice things up by offering different types of syrup at the table. In your grocery store's refrigerator section, you can purchase dime-size hot cakes, and follow up on your dipping idea with French toast. Don't hesitate to get creative!


Nothing beats fresh squeezed juice.

If you really want to make an impact on your guests, offer a few kinds of homemade juices. Anyone can serve tea bags or juice from the carton, and your guests expect that. Wow them with anything from fresh squeezed orange juice to pink lemonade; it's bound to be appreciated. There are several recipes online where you can find fruit drink concoctions that are sure to knock the socks right off your guests (see site in Resources below).

Entrée Ideas

Who doesn't like scrambled eggs?

When hosting a brunch party, you can get away with making easy breakfast food, as long as you do it right. Scrambled eggs are a quick and easy way to fill up your guests and are best presented on a decorative platter. Hot cakes are another filling entrée that are easily served on a platter and complemented with a variety of syrups. Keep in mind that they are also easier to make for a large number of people, as opposed to items like waffles. Don't forget to include slices of toast on your menu, and maybe even a fruit parfait. Your guests are sure to have a great time, and leave happy with a full stomach.