Clotted cream (butter cream) for Turkish breakfast. Meshur Afyon kaymagi.
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Very few heavy whipping cream brands are sold nationally, as most dairy products are harvested, packaged, and sold regionally. Usually when you go to the supermarket, you see the store brand such as the Great Value heavy whipping cream offered at WalMart, and several regional brands like Borden or Land O'Lakes.

Great Value Heavy Whipping Cream

Generally speaking, Great Value heavy whipping cream has a lower number of calories per serving than most other brands at 50 per tablespoon. If you're whipping it into a dessert topping, it makes a lighter whipped cream for you to enjoy. This is partly due to a low 35 percent butterfat, whereas most heavy whipping creams range from 36 to 40 percent. However, if you're using the product to make a sauce or soup, this makes it more likely to curdle at high temperatures and cause it to fail completely.

Land O Lakes Heavy Whipping Cream

From the company that started as a co-op in the early 1920s and claims to have led the way in selling butter in stick form, Land O Lakes offers a heavy whipping cream that promises a farm-fresh taste. The company states, "Our authentic heavy whipping cream promises rich, naturally delicious results..." Its website even offers a wide variety of recipes to utilize the heavy whipping cream, including soups, pastas, cakes and pies.

Organic Valley Heavy Whipping Cream

Organic Valley is a "mission-driven cooperative, owned by family farmers." Today it's the No. 1 source of organic milk in the county. It even has a handy tool on the website that allows you to find a local farm in your area that harvests and sells its heavy whipping cream and other dairy products. Organic Valley's heavy whipping cream is rich with 40 percent butterfat and is pasteurized by slowly heating it to 145 degrees.

Borden's Heavy Whipping Cream

Sporting the famous cow Elsie on the logo, Borden's heavy whipping cream has been available in the southern U.S. for over 150 years. In 1939, the Rotolactor electric milking system was introduced at the World's Fair. Borden's heavy whipping cream is highly rated, time tested, and proven to be a dependable product.