Avon Skin So Soft Uses

By Pamela Gentry

Launched in 1961, Avon Skin So Soft has evolved from bath oil into an entire line of skincare products bearing the name. As the name implies, Avon Skin So Soft was developed to soften and condition the skin, but this product also has a wide variety of potential applications. Avon Skin So Soft can be used for cleaning and freshening, as well as repelling insects.

Personal Uses

Intended as bath oil and after bath moisturizer, adding a capful or two of Avon Skin So Soft bath oil to liquid soap or body wash will allow the razor to glide smoothly across the skin. It may be used as massage oil as well as tanning oil. When sprayed on sunburned skin, it provides pain relief.

Avon Skin So Soft also works effectively for cleansing away difficult substances which get on the skin such as paint, ink and adhesive from bandages. It also removes oil, grease and makeup from the skin. Avon Skin So Soft also removes chewing gum from hair and may get rid of head lice if left on the hair and scalp for 15 minutes. A dime-sized amount of Avon Skin So Soft rubbed into the hair after shampooing and conditioning will add shine without leaving a greasy residue.

In the Laundry

Spraying Avon Skin So Soft on "ring around the collar" will make it disappear after washing. Strong odors on clothing or sheets can be remedied by spraying Avon Skin So Soft on them before washing. Spraying Avon Skin So Soft on baseball caps and using a toothbrush to scrub will clean and refresh the fabric.

Bug Repellent

When sprayed on the skin, Skin So Soft works effectively as a bug and mosquito repellent. Spray Skin So Soft on windowsills, doors and screens to keep crawling bugs away.

To keep away wasps and hornets, first carefully spray the nest with a chemical that will kill the nest. To keep them from rebuilding in the same location, spray Avon Skin So Soft around the area on a regular basis.

Household Cleanser

As a leather polish, furniture polish and natural wood conditioner, Avon Skin So Soft does the trick. Removing soap scum and lime water deposits from bathroom surfaces can also be accomplished with Avon Skin So Soft. Removing gum from carpet, crayon from walls and scuff marks from shoes are all possible with Avon Skin So Soft.

Also useful for cleaning your car, Avon Skin So Soft may be sprayed on vinyl areas to clean and help prevent cracking. Sprayed on tires, Avon Skin So Soft makes them look shiny and new.

For Animals

Combine five parts water to one part of Avon Skin So Soft. Mist the fur of animals with this mixture to bring out the shine in their coat and helps keeps insects away. Rubbing Avon Skin So Soft on the hands after petting smelly animals will clear the odor from your skin.

Also available in a lotion, Avon Skin So Soft can be rubbed into a cat's fur to help with flea problems and combat dander. Avon Skin So Soft is safe for animals to lick off as long as it does not contain sunscreen.