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Bring the relaxation and pampering of a spa to your home by hosting a spa party, or enjoying the treatments of a spa yourself. With the right preparations, treatments and supplies, you can have the experience of a spa in the comfort of your own home and for a fraction of the price.


Choose a large empty space in your home for the spa such as a living room or bedroom. Decide which stations you would like to offer, and make a list of what you will need for each station. Stations might include manicures, facials or massages. Be sure to have plenty of clean towels and face cloths available. Set up the spa room with scented candles, sparkling water with fruit slices and snacks.

Manicures and Pedicures

Manicures are best done on a tabletop such as a side table or coffee table. The pedicure station can be set up near a sofa or comfortable chair for the person receiving the pedicure to enjoy a little relaxation. The items you will need for the manicure and pedicure stations are a mid-sized bowl, hand cream, cuticle cream, cotton balls, cuticle stick, nail clippers, nail file, nail polish and remover, paper towels and a hand towel. Additional items for the pedicures include foot lotion, exfoliating lotion and a pumice stone.


The items you will need to give facials are boiling water, makeup remover, skin cleanser, towels, cotton pads, toner or astringent, a facial mask and moisturizer. To give your friend a facial, first remove all of her makeup and use a skin cleanser appropriate for her skin type. Let her place her head as close to a bowl of boiling water as is comfortable with a towel over her head and let her sit for five minutes. Gently pat her face dry and apply toner with a cotton pad to clean the open pores. Now apply the mask according to the directions, rinse it with warm water and apply moisturizer.


For a home spa party, take shifts giving and receiving back, shoulder and neck massages. All you need for the massage station is a comfortable spot to sit and an oil-free lotion. Special massage lotions can also be purchased from beauty supply stores.


Set up a quiet place in the corner of the spa room for an aromatherapy and meditation station. The supplies you need for this station are aromatherapy candles, a large pillow or floor cushion, aromatherapy oils or lotions, and a CD player with meditation music, along with headphones for privacy. The aromatherapy meditation station should be for just one person at a time. Light the aromatherapy candle and apply the oils or lotions to your hands, arms and legs. Sit comfortably on the cushion, put the headphones on and enjoy the relaxation.