White House, Washington, DC
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Touring the White House is a momentous occasion and when presented with the opportunity to attend, you want to dress to appropriately. Comfortable clothing utilizing stylish, smart pieces is key to successfully nailing the perfect White House tour look. Whether male or female, dressing in clothing that's classic, practical and respectful is your best bet for looking totally appropriate for the occasion.


While you want to look presentable, there’s no need to overdress for a White House tour. Wearing a comfortable polo shirt is a great option for a look that’s dressy but not uncomfortable or stuffy in the least. Pair a polo with denim jeans, khakis or colored slacks to look polished while remaining casual. T-shirts may be acceptable as well, as long as they don't contain any inappropriate graphics or wording. Soft, solid-color or patterned T-shirts in conservative cuts are good options for looking casual but stylish at the White House.


During sweltering summer months, pair your shirt with comfortable bottoms such as jeans or walking shorts. As long as the length is conservative on women, shorts should suffice. Avoid fabrics that are ripped or faded and be sure that the fit is on point. A White House tour is not the time to sport anything ill fitting or stained. Women can pair a blouse with a pair of dark denim jeans and ballet flats, while a polo shirt and khaki shorts is a great option for men.


Cute and comfortable dresses are a safe bet for women participating in a White House tour. Whether in a solid color or a lovely print, dresses that are stylish while respectful are a great way to look presentable for this occasion. Pair a blouse and a flouncy skirt for a similar sophisticated effect. Many styles of dresses work well with flats, so take advantage of this comfortable footwear in lieu of high heels that may make walking difficult.


There are certain sartorial rules to be obeyed when visiting the White House. Some accessories such as handbags, backpacks and cameras are prohibited, so plan accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. Small wallets are permitted, but are subject to search. Umbrellas and cell phones are also permitted.